Kevin Chen

The New Journal

Fall 2022 – Spring 2023

tags: design, print

Creative Director of Volume 55 of The New Journal, a student magazine that publishes creative non-fiction about Yale and New Haven. The New Journal was named the “Best Student Magazine in the Country” by the Society of Professional Journalists in 2021.

I revived and redesigned the original serif wordmark, redesigned the entire editorial design system, and designed most spreads in the print magazine. I coordinated layout, illustration, and photography direction, and managed a team of six designers.

View the full issues here: issue 1, issue 2, issue 3, issue 4, issue 5.

Selected spreads, issue 5 (May 2023).

Selected spreads, issue 4 (March 2023).

Selected spreads, issue 3 (January 2023).